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WindWater hotel offers some of the best South Padre suites. South Padre Island has a strategic global position which gives it a rich and all-encompassing sightseeing experience. The WindWater hotel offers a variety of moderately priced, student and family-friendly hotel accommodations. This is favored by its rich location in the heart of picturesque South Padre island. Our guests enjoy spacious and comfortable rooms. One of the most common but often underrated amenities is a hotel bed. We have a comfortable bed that makes you feel like you are floating after that hectic day in the office.

WindWater is one of the motels in Padre Blvd TX with spacious and comfortable hotel rooms, king suites and condos that face the bay-side marina for an engulfing view. We also offer a robust hotel amenities and extras to enrich your experience while with us.

We are a family-friendly resort and offer the perfect accommodations for family vacations and spring trips in South Padre Island.

At WindWater, our guests get to enjoy playing a round of golf at the local golf courses, fishing off the bay-side or hiking or even biking.

Our booking services are convenient and fast since we have modernized our systems using today’s state-of-the-art technology. We do not have accommodation or booking fees like most Padre Blvd motels TX and you get an immediate confirmation once you’ve booked with us. We are one of the hotels in South Padre that offer well-tailored services to make you feel thoroughly appreciated and comfortable.

Like the majority of our local and international guests, you will be amazed by our customer care. Whether you are taking a business or a leisure trip, WindWater hotel has a robust selection of services that suites the need of every guest.

Though our services are pocket-friendly, we never cut corners when delivering services to our guests. We value your time with us and always strive to give you one of the most memorable hotel experiences imaginable.

As one of the top-rated Padre Blvd hotels, we have you covered with free internet as well as a modern TV that you can use to catch up with your favorite TV series. This way, you can wind down after a long day.

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